An Erudite Example of Extraordinary Effects

Helping your next event to be Magnificent

You were amazing! Thank you
— HRH Prince Harry

Exceptional Corporate Magician London

Captivated, breath held, they dare not even blink.

Then it happens.

They can only stare. Wide-eyed and in disbelief, they think…


At your next event, treat your guests to an amazing experience. Liam will help you stand out in front of your clients, colleagues and peers with moments of awe and wonder. With The Gentleman Magician on your side, you will be remembered and respected for all the right reasons.


Magic (noun)

A special and exciting quality that makes something seem different from ordinary things.


Exceptional entertainment for your event.

Outside Ents.jpg

Mix-and-Mingle Magic

Perfect for cocktail and drink receptions. Your guests will be amazed with Close-Up, intimate magic that happens right before their eyes and in their hands.

Mary is amazed.jpg

Table Magic

Between courses at the table side. Feats of impossible slight of hand and illusion that cannot be explained but will amaze and be remembered by everyone.


Cabaret and Parlour Magic

Magical entertainment en-masse. A real talking point that will capture the imagination of all of your guests at once and take them on a journey they will never forget.

I will be booking Liam on every event I have until the day he retires!
— Samuel Fuller, Financial Markets Online

How the Magic Happens


Booking Liam to appear and perform at your event couldn’t be easier. Your Guests, Clients, Colleagues and Peers will be pleased that you did, and you can take the credit for a job well done!

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Let’s discuss your event to better understand what you need to make it a huge success.

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An entertainment package to make your event shine for your guests and clients.

Check-Up call


A couple of weeks before the event to confirm that everything is still on track.



Liam will deliver astonishing entertainment and your guests and clients will be amazed. 


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